Faces and Voices of Leominster

Stories about Leominster life told by Leominster people

An audio/visual production by Christopher Preece

Grange Court, Leominster

Photographs and recordings of people from Leominster talking about their experiences of growing up, living and working in the town and surrounding area of North Herefordshire.

Grange Court has commissioned Photographer and New Media Designer, Christopher Preece, to produce an exhibition of portrait photographs and audio recordings of Leominster people.

He has photographed and interviewed 21 local people from various backgrounds who have lived or worked in Leominster during their lifetime.

From the 20 hours of recorded interviews Chris has extracted and edited a 90 minute audio piece that features all 21 people.

Their individual stories are presented in a looping recording, together with some musical accompaniment provided by one of the contributors.

The portrait photographs provide an authenticity and a visual clue to the voices that you can hear.

This work aims to capture the essence and character of the town and its people within the context of Leominster's social heritage.

Grange Court, Pinsley Road, Leominster HR6 8NL Open Mon - Sat 10am - 4pm

Subject to opening times and gallery availability - free visitor parking



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Faces and Voices